Advice for Organizations

Inclusive workforce

The Power Of Diversity And Inclusion

Research shows that inclusive workplaces are six times more likely to be innovative and twice as likely to meet or surpass financial goals. On top of that, employees who feel able to bring their whole selves to work are 42% less likely to plan on leaving for another position within a year. At the core, it’s true that the higher the level of inclusion, the higher the level of well-being and engagement in your employees, which can lead to better business results.

How to stay sane in insane times

How to Stay Sane in Insane Times

Some of you might feel very stressed and anxious during this uncertain time. There are many questions going through our minds such as: “Maybe I will lose my job”, “maybe I’ll have to shut down my company”, “how to pay bills”, “how to take care of my kids, work and husband”. The whole world has been turned upside down in a very short time frame. It’s not only about becoming possibly ill, but the crisis is effecting our wellbeing as well, our psychological wellbeing. Here you can find some advice on how you can deal with this crisis. 

How our brain gets affected by negative people

How our Brain Gets Affected by Negative People

Why not spend time talking about goals and dreams, or have a dialogue on how to make the world a better place?
Instead we’re talking about problems. How unfair our boss is, how annoying our job is or how stupid our colleagues are. And if there are no current problems, we’re unhappy with the situation in general. The whole world is treating us badly.
Why are people so competitive in a sense of: the person who has the worst life is the winner?