Am I Overworked, a Workaholic or Simply Passionate?

Workaholism is an addiction to work, and while it may not be in a diagnostic book or have a certain list of official criteria, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that a hyper fixation on work functions like other types of behavioral addictions. Like other addictions, being a workaholic can impact and change people’s personalities and alter their value system.


Replacing the Negatives in Your Life With Positives

If you want to move your life ahead, you should replace the negatives in your life with positives. This article will show you how to take the negative influences in your life away and replace them with positives, so you will have increases in morale, and productivity. Focus on the positive for success and peak performance.


5 Ways to Focus on Goal Setting

Life is nothing but an obstacle course, it’s all about getting through that obstacle course to your desired goal. It’s only normal to encounter obstacles in the pursuit of your objective. It’s kind of a test to see if you’re worthy.

Causes of Underachievement

Causes of Underachievement

It may be no surprise to hear that negative thinking is one of the reasons for underachievement. Your life is built on your self image and that image will depend on what you tell yourself. When you choose to engage in negative thinking you are deciding to believe in your inability rather than your possibility.

How to stay sane in insane times

How to Stay Sane in Insane Times

Some of you might feel very stressed and anxious during this uncertain time. There are many questions going through our minds such as: “Maybe I will lose my job”, “maybe I’ll have to shut down my company”, “how to pay bills”, “how to take care of my kids, work and husband”. The whole world has been turned upside down in a very short time frame. It’s not only about becoming possibly ill, but the crisis is effecting our wellbeing as well, our psychological wellbeing. Here you can find some advice on how you can deal with this crisis.