How to attract and keep talent
How to Attract and Keep Talent
It's interesting how many bosses complain that their best employees leave the company. There is nothing more disruptive and expensive when a good employee leaves.

Bosses like to make everyone and anything responsible for this, without actually digging deep to understand the main cause: people don’t leave their job, they leave the boss. Indeed it’s actually really easy to stop this problem. The boss needs to change his or her attitude and has to try harder.
So what are the reasons why employees quit?

1. Don't overwork employees

Often good employees are given more work, as they are good at what they do. It’s so easy to let good people work harder. It’s really important though to understand that this is very contra productive because hard working employees feel like they are getting punished for doing good work.

If the employee gets a higher workload then the employee should be promoted. Talented employees won’t mind having more responsibility and work longer hours, but they won’t stay at a company if they feel they are suffocated in work. Giving a salary rise , a promotion or a different job title are good ways to increase the amount of work. 

If you simply increase the workload  because employees are talented without changing anything, they will be wanting to search for a job which they actually deserve.

2. Appreciate the hard work

Especially with talent or good employees, often bosses forget to compliment their hardest workers. Everybody loves compliments, but even more those, who work hard and give their best. 

Bosses need to communicate with their employees to find out what makes them truly happy. For some it’s a salary increase, for others it’s public approval. Do reward good employees, and this should be done often.

3. Take care of your employees

More than half of the employees quit due to their relationship to the boss. Smart entrepreneurs know how to keep the balance between being professional and humanity.

What does this mean? This means that as a good boss you celebrate successes of your employees, you take care of employees, when they go through a rough patch. Bosses who don’t take care of their employees don’t need to wonder why so many people quit, nobody wants to work for somebody who is only interested in exploiting their employees.

4. Keep your promises

You can either make your employees very happy or make them want to quit. If you do what you promise, employees will respect and value you and you make yourself trustworthy and credible. On the other hand, if you don’t keep your word, employees will perceive you as heartless and disrespectful. 

Something to think about: why should employees commit if you as a boss don’t?

5. Hire the right people

People who work hard want to be surrounded by similar people. If the management does not take care to hire good people, the rest of the staff can become very demotivated and frustrated. 

To promote the wrong people is even worse. It is a tremendous insult if good employees work very hard , and somebody gets promoted, who did not deserve this. No surprise then, if good employees quit.  

6. Encourage your employees to follow their passion

Successful employees are passionate. If you can provide possibilities for employees to chase after their passion, you will increase their productivity and they will feel appreciated and happier at work. Most bosses want their employees to only focus on work. They are afraid that their productivity will decrease. Studies have shown though, that this is not the case.

7. Empower the strength of each employee

Successful entrepreneurs lead their company no matter how talented their employees are. They always know exactly what’s going on and are alert and give employees feedback which is constructive. It’s your job as a boss to empower talent and to increase their skillset. Especially for hard working employees feedback is important. If you don’t provide that good employees might feel bored and might want to leave.

8. Encourage creativity

Good employees want to always improve themselves and make things better. If you don’t give them this possibility talent will start to hate their job. 

9. Challenge your employees intellectually

Good bosses empower their employees to reach goals which seem impossible.It’s all about about pushing talent out of their comfort zone. Great bosses will do everything to support them along the way. If talent only do boring tasks, they will search for something more challenging as they feel under stimulated. 

If you want your employees to stay, really do make sure how you treat them. Good employees are able to take a lot, but their talent give them a lot of opportunities. Your challenge as an entrepreneur is to make them WANT to work for you.  

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