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15 Years Of Experience In Leading And Growing Businesses & People

As a CEO I  always have been passionate about growing businesses and leading by example with a coaching leadership style. True success means knowing yourself, having a great communication style and showing empathy, understanding and appreciation of others. Because only together you can create amazing things and true success.

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What happy clients have to say about their growth journey

"I know Melissa Leich for more than 10 years now and she always impresses me with her high energy levels, her professionalism, her consistent positive outlook through life ups and downs as well as her open-mindedness and international awareness, having lived in Europe and Asia and demonstrating a fine understanding of both cultures. As a businesswoman and a friend, she has always been very supportive and encouraging of my personal career choices and has acted as a sounding board with no-nonsense advice whenever I needed a second opinion. I would fully recommend Melissa as a Personal Coach."
Audrey Gaffet
Senior Manager, Public Investment Fund (PIF) AMAALA, Saudi Arabia
" Melissa Leich is constantly a professional business lady with clear goals and the drive to achieve them. She is very helpful to expand a very good business partnership. It has been my pleasure working with Melissa"
Manuel Purwin
VP, Regional Head of KAM, Automotive Unit Europe at Kuehne & Nagel, Hamburg
"Melissa has a truly international outlook and her Asian markets network and expertise is exceptional. Not only is she very very professional but she also is a lot of fun to be around and a real inspiration"
Carisa Mann
Managing Director, Place Solutions Pte. Ltd, Singapore
"Melissa Leich from a young age carved her own path. She has achieved major successes in areas where some people wouldn’t dare to set foot. Her journey has allowed her to develop an extensive toolkit and hence she is very well equipped to help tackle the issues they are facing whether on a personal or professional level"
Edwin Gommers
President & CFO/COO Shoe Crazy Wine, USA

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I have helped many clients to finally get what they desire and more in life, no matter if this is on a personal or business level.
Being successful is a decision we make. Creating clear goals and putting the steps needed into action is key. Let me give you wings and show you, that there is no limit.
Now is the time. YOUR time. 

Melissa Leich

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An important part of success in life is the ability to lead. It is important that we not only be able to lead others but be willing to lead ourselves. No one succeeds in life by simply following others.

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How to Attract and Keep Talent

It's interesting how many CEO's complain that their best employees leave the company. There is nothing more disruptive and expensive when a good employee leaves.

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How our Brain Gets Effected by Negative People

There are always these kind of people, who will bother you with all sorts of problems, which are in reality no real problems. It's so tempting to get upset about things.

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