How to Deal With Stress

Strategies On How to Cope With Stress

Life consistently presents us with challenges and changes and at times this can lead to us feeling stressed. Planning how to manage and cope in various life situations, and finding out which coping skills work best for you, is the key to succeeding with stress.

In a nutshell:
  • Understand more about stress – this involves recognising your sources of stress and how stress affects you personally. Plan for stressful periods.
  • Problem-solve – what is the problem, be specific and break it down into realistic achievable components. Then set goals on how to deal with each problem. Make sure you include how to begin your plan of action.
  • Develop new behaviour & don’t overthink.
  • Develop a s support network  & ask for help when needed and accept it when offered.
  • Make time to relax and enjoy yourself – how many of us know we should do more of this but don’t make the time?
Here are some ideas for coping with acute emotional distress 
  1. Use of distraction – the aim of this is to limit  the things that are causing you to feel emotional. The stimuli could be anything from another person to the thoughts that you are having. Distraction involves doing something else to absorb your attention.
  2. Imagery – think of calming and soothing images or situations.
  3. Relaxation – learn  simple techniques to induce relaxation.
  4. Be in the moment – Try and just focus on the ‘moment’.
  5. Exercise – physical activity can help to disperse the chemicals released in your body by the stress response.
  6. Soothe yourself – do something to nurture your 5 senses. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

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