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Elevate Your Sales Success with Expert Coaching

Are you looking to gain new clients and improve your customer relationships? Do you want to create a winning sales strategy and understand your clients’ needs better? Frustrated by the struggle to close more deals and seeking to boost your motivation? Fearful of facing rejection when calling potential clients?

Our Sales Coaching program is designed to transform you into a sales expert, regardless of whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. Learn how to create compelling win-win situations, close deals, and generate a high income. Even the most innovative idea, product, or patent holds no value if you can’t excite your audience about it.

Session 1: Overview and Goal Setting
We will start by defining your ideal outcomes and setting clear, actionable goals.

Sessions 2, 3 & 4: Strategy
We’ll identify what needs optimization, clarify your unique selling propositions, refine your sales style, and position you effectively. We’ll also explore the best marketing activities, target groups, goal achievement strategies, and ways to maintain motivation.

Session 5: Customer Acquisition
Learn techniques to attract potential clients, handle phone conversations, overcome objections, and manage nerves.

Session 6: Initial Conversation
Master the art of preparing for client meetings, making a positive impression, and building strong relationships with prospects.

Session 7: Analysis of Demand
Understand your clients’ desires and needs by asking the right questions and interpreting their responses accurately.

Session 8: Presentation
Craft presentations that captivate your target audience and highlight the real benefits and gains for your customers.

Session 9: Credibility & Objections
Develop strategies to radiate credibility, earn trust, and handle objections confidently.

Session 10: Closing the Deal
Learn effective pricing, negotiation techniques, and how to create win-win deals that lead to successful closures.

Melissa brings over 20 years of experience in Business Development and Sales (B2B) across various industries, including Pharma, Consumer Products, Industrial Products, and FinTech. With her studies in Negotiation & Influence, Psychology, and Behavioral Science, she offers unparalleled insights to help you optimize your sales process and create remarkable win-win deals.

Unlock your full sales potential and achieve extraordinary success with our expert coaching. Start your transformation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Forbes reports on the overwhelming success of business coaching services. Of the business coaching clients surveyed, more than 85% reported financial benefits that far exceeded the investment they made hiring a business coach and 70% reported improved work performance and communication skills. Business leaders also reported an increase in self-awareness – one of the most powerful “soft skills” you can develop for building your business network – after working with a business coach. Additional studies demonstrate that working with a business coach helps you set and achieve SMART goals and develop confidence in your capacity to get what you want.

When you work with a business coach, you’re hiring an experienced partner in sustainable business growth. Your business coach helps you clarify your business vision so that it aligns with your personal and professional goals. A coach has the business savvy to “see the forest through the trees” and help prioritize your work accordingly. With a business coach at your side, you’ll be empowered to use key tools for understanding your business – its mission, operations, financials, culture and overall viability. As you work with a business coach, you’ll discover a process for addressing challenges, correcting imbalances and creating solutions that will prepare your business for long-term success.

The Harvard Business Review confirms that business owners and managers decide to work with a business coach for a wide range of reasons – 48% to facilitate a business transition, 26% to act as a sounding board and 12% to address problems derailing the company. Maybe your business is just starting out and needs help moving in the right direction. Or maybe your brand is established but has hit a plateau. Perhaps you’re losing staff – or customers – and you can’t figure out why. Or maybe your market is evolving, and you need help keeping ahead of the changes. A skilled business coach is a mentor who comes alongside you to help you address any challenge you’re having.

Professional coaching focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change.
Individuals or organizations retain consultants for their expertise. While consulting approaches vary widely, the assumption is the consultant will diagnose problems and prescribe and, sometimes, implement solutions. With coaching, the assumption is that individuals or teams are capable of generating their own solutions, with the coach supplying supportive, discovery-based approaches and frameworks.

Yes, I also offer trainings, workshops, and seminars for sales reps. This is often requested for a group of sales managers. The trainings and workshops are based on a coaching approach. The workshops and trainings are created individually, depending on the background of the salespeople, depending on the company and task.

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