Personality Assessments

Personality Assessments
  • You want to understand a candidate’s personality profile, how they like to work, approach problems, stay motivated and what drives their emotional reactions?
  • You want to increase employee quality and retention? 
  • You want to hire the best?
  • You want to improve the overall productivity and effectiveness of your teams?
  • You want to increase efficiency?
  • You want to unify objectives?
  • You want to make reliable data-driven decisions?

Recruiting employees with the right skills as well as the right cultural fit for the organisation is not as straightforward as some may think and can be a challenge. Unfortunately, having a well-written CV and seeming confident in a face-to-face interview is not enough for employers to determine if a candidate will succeed in a position or not. There is much more to any candidate than their education, experience, skills, and past experiences. 

Many employers still focus on CVs and interviews when making hiring decisions and this can lead to costly hiring mistakes. It is estimated that up to 75% of all hiring decisions result in a mis-hire. This is both time consuming and expensive – it can cost a company roughly 3.5 x the employee’s annual salary.

The key to predicting future success and making the right hiring decisions is assessing a candidate’s personality traits. Conducting a career personality test is a proven method to  evaluate candidates’ behavioral tendencies in a work environment that enables recruiters to understand if they will become top performers and thrive, as well as fit into the culture of the company.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Although the terms “coach” and “consultant” are often used interchangeably, they actually represent distinct roles and approaches to problem-solving.

A consultant is typically someone who provides expert advice and guidance to individuals or organizations in a particular area of expertise. Consultants are often hired to solve specific problems or address particular challenges, and they bring their knowledge, experience, and skills to bear on those issues. Consultants may work in a range of fields, such as business strategy, marketing, technology, or human resources.

A coach, on the other hand, focuses on empowering clients to identify and achieve their goals. Coaches help clients to clarify their thinking, explore their values, and develop their own solutions to problems. Rather than providing answers, coaches ask questions and provide support and guidance to help clients develop their own insights and solutions. Coaches work with clients on an ongoing basis and often help them to develop skills and strategies for long-term success.

In summary, a consultant is typically an expert who provides answers and solutions to specific problems, while a coach empowers clients to develop their own solutions and achieve their goals over time.

  1. Expertise and knowledge: A consultant should have specialized knowledge and expertise in their field. They should be able to offer insights and solutions that you may not have considered before.

  2. Analysis and diagnosis: A consultant should be able to analyze your situation and diagnose the root causes of any problems. They should be able to provide a clear assessment of the situation and help you understand what needs to be done to address it.

  3. Recommendations and solutions: A consultant should provide specific recommendations and solutions to address the problem or achieve the goal. They should provide actionable steps and a roadmap for implementation.

  4. Collaboration and communication: A consultant should work collaboratively with you and your team to implement the recommendations and solutions. They should be open to feedback and adjust their approach as needed. They should also communicate regularly with you to keep you informed of progress.

  5. Results: Ultimately, you should expect the consultant to deliver results. They should be able to help you achieve your goals and solve the problem you hired them to address.

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